Trans Woman Dies in New York City After Being Beating Unconscious

NYC emergency room hospital front entrance

Trans Woman Dies in New York City After Being Beating Unconscious

A transgender woman found on April 25, with severe head injuries after being beaten unconscious, outside the ‘Five Guys’ restaurant on 343 Seventh avenue, and was treated at the Bellevue Hospital has been declared dead.

The woman was severely beaten on a Manhattan sidewalk, near West 29th Street, about 10:30 p.m on April 25th was left for dead, police say.

It is now known that, Brenda Bostick aged 59, was so badly beaten around the head, suffering a severe blunt impact head injury, that she stood little chance of survival.

New York City Hospital Van AmbulanceThe victims name was not given out until yesterday, so that the New York police department (NYPD) could notify Brenda’s family of the terrible incident that had taken place.

A large number of transgender homicides are still not officially counted for, some are misgendered by the police & many others through non reporting, the actual figures do not tell the whole story.

Their is a seemingly endless level of violence and hatred in our society with a larger than average proportion being aimed at the transgender Community. Last year saw 27 deaths (the reported ones) and now Brenda Bostick is the 10th known survivor of brutality with resulting homicide in 2017 alone.

We do send our thoughts and prayers to Brenda Bostick’s family and we continue to work and strive for a much better and safer world in which to live.

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