What You Need To Know About Wigs

What You Need To Know About Wigs

What You Need To Know About Wigs

Now that you have to wear one, lets take look at the hairy subject of obtaining the perfect wig for your feminine look. Given the psychological effect on the person, this can be a staggering realization. There are some basics to understand if you are in the wig market.

Knowing how to size your head for the correct fit is important. A wig cap that is too big will move around and pull up when brushing the hair. It can also fold over when bonded to your scalp. Conversely, a cap that is too small will not contour to your scalp correctly, leaving you with an unnatural hair line and look fake.

Using a cloth tape measure – I found using the tape measure from my sewing kit worked well- take these six principle measurements. Recording these necessary measurements will size your head correctly:

How to take head measurements for wig size
How to take head measurements for wig size

Circumference: Hold tape measure on forehead and wrap around the back of you neck, holding close to the hair line
Front to Nape: Hold tape measure at hair line in the middle of forehead and bring over top of your head, to the hair line at the nape of your neck
Ear to Ear(forehead): Same starting and ending points as previous, but run tape measure across your forehead
Ear to Ear(top of head): Hold tape measure at the inside top of your ear, over top of your head to other inside top of opposite ear
Temple to Temple(around back of head): Hold tape measure at temple, run around the back of your head across to the opposite side temple.
Nape: Measure hair line across the nape of the neck
If money is a concern, the above may also be your salvation. Knowing your head size will be important to know when you enter the wig shop. It will not only help the stylist find you the right fit, it will also show you know your stuff and are serious. Believe it or don’t, but this will improve the service you get.

Most places will have a large variety of lengths, styles, colors and synthetic and human varieties on display. They will also have a policy of maximum number of wigs to try on. Figure about 3-5 is about the average. Knowing more when you talk to the stylist can maybe gain you an extra wig or two. It did for me my first time. You will also have to buy a wig cap, hygiene necessity. This shouldn’t be more than a dollar or three, and may be rolled into your wig purchase.

Different lengths are the fun of trying on you new look. For assistance, look at the lengths of cis-gender females, about your age, and see what you like and don’t like. Depending on your age, you can get away with different lengths and be fine. What I’ve been told is longer hair and bangs make me look younger. Be that as it may, go with what frames your face best.

Color is another aspect that will help your wig look natural to you. You may want to completely change your hair color from growing up male, to distance that part of your self as much as possible. That is totally up to you. If you purchase a human hair wig, those can be colored. Avoid bleaching, though, for if you burn the hair, it will fall off the cap and not grow back.

Style is a totally personal choice. Short hair or long hair. Bangs or no bangs. Curly, straight or wavy. These are decisions that trying on different styles will help decide you. Again, this is where trying on different wigs is a plus.

human hair vs synthetic hair wigs table
Human hair vs synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair is less expensive and requires the least amount of maintenance. Synthetic hair has a ‘memory’, which means it can be worn right out of the box, but has virtually no style options. Heat-quality synthetics can be styled, but that is also limited. Using a hair dryer on the low heat setting is recommended for the strands can affected by high direct heat. Also, keep hair dryer from physically touching the hair. These hair pieces generally last up to 6 months, depending on how you wear them, abuse and other factors.

Human hair comes with a price, but are more versatile, giving you a realistic look. These wigs can be styled and holds up to more abuse. These wigs typically are not ‘ready-to-wear’ out of the box. Many salons have wig style experts on the premises. Best to call around and ask and inquire about pricing, if you don’t have a recommendation.

Bethany by Henry Margu Synthetic Wig
Bethany by Henry Margu

Natural hair wigs can last up to a year and more, with proper care and daily maintenance. Natural hair wigs don’t generate natural oils or hydration. Hair care products designed for natural wigs are best. There are hair products promoting hydration and infused with Argan or Moroccan oil, which can keep your hair looking natural and healthy.

Cap design comes in many flavors. The four most common:

Full Lace: As the name implies, the full cap is made of lace. This allows the scalp to breathe. It is also the most natural looking of the cap constructions
Lace Front: Only the front is constructed of lace. The top and back are a common cap material, which limits the scalp to breathe. These can be constructed with elastic bands to adjust the fit.
Monofilament: Individual hairs are tied to a fine mesh material. Allows for air circulation, allowing the scalp to breathe.
Hand-tied: Each individual strand of hair is hand tied to a wig cap. This method allows for the most versatile styling options.

There are two principle bonding methods; tape or bonding adhesive. Tape is the cheapest. It is also for temporary adhesion, like for a night out. This method does not hold up to rigorous activity, so if you’re going to engage in rough activity where you will sweat, this is not a good method. More permanent bonding techniques, use a bonding adhesive such as Walker Tape’s Ultra Hold. This can be purchased in any wig shop and at amazon.com. When using the glue technique, there are pieces of PolyUrethane that attach to the wig, then are adhered to the scalp. These make cleaning the wig, when the time comes to re-bond, easier and cleaner.

Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment
Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Minoxidil – Hair Regrowth Treatment
The later in life you decide to transition brings about the probability that Estrogen, Genetics, and Heredity will have no appreciable affect on altering head hair growth. Advertised methods such as Minoxidil, Viviscal, Keranique, have proven science at stimulating hair regrowth for cis-gender women. But, what method for transfemales would be effective, hair growth for women or men? Regardless, the appreciable amount of dead follicles whilst a male may not return.

In summary, if hair treatments such as Minoxidil do not work for you then the last resort for cis-gender women and transgender females may be the need to wear a wig.

If you are currently in need of a new wig then you could just search Amazon.com (Currently they have over 100k items listed). However we would recommend that you check out LaceWigsBuy.com as this popular online wig store has a massive range of wig styles for every budget including celebrity styles (see below), they offer great customer service, and they cater for transgender girls with exacting requirements. We also highly recommend the Noriko Wig Collection from Rene of Paris (Crossdress Boutique).

We would also recommend; you taking a look at one of our recent articles titled ‘10 Tips to Feel Like a Girl Prior and During Transgender Transition‘, this article not only offers tips about coping with transition but also covers hair growth advice, makeup and style tips.

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