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The Stepping Out Secrets Program Review

~ Our review is best understood if you first watch the video above ~
The ‘Stepping Out Secrets Program’ is the latest program by Lucille Sorella, it is an effective teaching course specifically targeted at crossdresser and transgender women of all ages. The program promises to help transgender women and crossdressers (MTF) to become more confident and self-assured when stepping into the outside world.

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This comprehensive program takes a step by step approach in teaching the fundamentals through to advanced techniques for achieving your best feminine appearance and inner self-confidence.

The author of this program, ‘Lucille Sorella’, is a well-known image stylist and consultant who has worked with clients around the world including many transgendered women and crossdressers. We get the impression from Lucille that she has refreshingly shaped this program to actually benefit and support trans people, and not to just pocket their hard earned cash, she appears to want to follow and be a genuine part of their new or indeed existing path to womanhood.

The various modules that come packaged with this course are well organised and presented with well written information that is easy to follow. You get a ton of great material including reports, worksheets, cheat sheets, manuals, an online member’s area, and of course lots of instructional videos.

The ‘Stepping Out Secrets’ program is solely an online and interactive course, you pay your money and get an instant download of all the material including high quality digital MP4 videos, audio files in MP3 format, and PDF files. In addition, you get immediate access to the interactive member’s area where you can watch the video tutorials, chat with other girls, and interact with the program creators.

The overall content versus value for money of this program is undeniable, you get plenty of information to work through, plenty of well-placed encouragement, and the presentation of material supports stimulated learning. Unexpectedly, you find yourself getting easily engrossed within each module, also somehow strangely motivated to stop, try and perfect everything as your work through.

The step by step coaching structure of this ‘Stepping out secrets program’ is a tried and tested method that has always worked successfully in many other online student and adult learning courses; the open university uses this approach. Likewise, ‘Lucille Sorella’ has implemented this style of learning rather successfully within her program.

“The program promises to help transgender women and crossdressers to become more confident and self-assured when stepping into the outside world.”

The core course comprises of 7 modules (including the bonus) which cover and address the fundamentals of achieving improved femininity; such as makeup & beauty, style & fashion, body curves, walking, voice feminization, inner allure with self-confidence, and photo posing (You can find more in-depth details of these modules later in this review). In addition, a great feature of this course is that you get access to acclaimed guest experts including Erica Thaman (Cosmetologist), Chris Scott (Makeup Artist), Rob Brinded (Movement Coach), Alice Kim (Fashion Stylist), and Kathe Perez (Speech and Vocal Feminization Coach).

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When you order this program you actually get the following; 7 main modules (See below for specifics), 5 reports and worksheets, 6 expert interviews, 20 cheat sheets, access to the member’s area, and 14 HQ videos.

Let’s go a little more in-depth; here are the respective core modules of the ‘Stepping Out Secrets’ program:

Module (1): Makeup & Beauty
This module contains information and videos which are designed to help you succeed in creating your feminine facial appearance. You will learn how to apply makeup, disguise problematic masculine features, beard shadow cover, avoid common makeup mistakes, hair styling, and hair loss treatment advice. Included with this module; expert video interviews with Erica Thaman & Chris Scott. (Module is based on worksheets and 5 interactive coaching videos)

Module (2): Fashion
This module contains information and videos which help in finding clothes that can create the maximum illusion of a feminine body shape. You will learn not to make those fashion mistakes that will immediately ‘out’ you in public, help you save money on those clothing blunders. Included with this module; Style secrets report, expert video interview with Alice Kim (Stylist) and cheat sheets for quick reference. (Module is based on reports and interactive coaching video)

sos the online members area
The stepping out secrets online members area

Module (3): Curves & Body Shape
This module contains information and videos targeting the all-important subject of forming the illusion of feminine female curves. You receive a guide on feminine curve building which appears very thorough, a featured video on how to achieve a good cleavage, advice on choosing breast forms, a workout video for waist toning, how to feminize your hips and butt, and a cheat sheet for reference. Included with this module; special report, cheat sheets and videos. (Module is based on worksheet and 3 interactive coaching videos)

Module (4): Walking & Movement
This module contains information and videos which will show you how to walk with feminine poise, and how to master the art of female body language which plays a big part in successfully “passing” for a woman. You get step-by-step walk-through videos where you can simply copy-rewind-copy up until mastering the techniques. Included with this module; expert video interview and report. (Module is based on worksheets and expert feminine movement techniques video by Rob Brinded)

Module (5): Voice Feminization
This module contains information and videos which are designed to help you achieve a feminine voice, work through a series of simple daily voice exercises; the techniques of sounding & speaking like a woman are in fact fairly straightforward with the right vocal coaching. There is also a section which discuses voice feminization surgery. Included with this module; expert video interviews with Kathe Perez. (Module is based on worksheet and 2 interactive coaching videos).

You may also want to take a look at our transgender voice feminization article.

Module (6): Inner Allure & Self-Confidence

This module contains information and videos designed to build up your inner self-confidence which will give you more relaxed and enjoyable “stepping out” experience. The worksheet focuses on the creation of a feminine persona and creating a more confident inner & outer image for yourself. Included with this module; The cheat sheets, worksheet, and featured video. (Module is based on worksheet and interactive coaching video)

You find yourself getting easily engrossed within each module, also somehow strangely motivated to stop, try and perfect everything.

Module (7): Photo Posing
This module is a bonus addition to the main course; it contains some useful information and a featured video. If, like me, you have struggled with being in front of a camera then you should run through this module which teaches how to achieve good self-portraits, photo posing no no’s, model secrets and more. This module features a feminine posing video tutorial, a how-to pose photo gallery, and quick cheat sheet.

That is the round up the main course content.

In combination with the above modules, you have your access to the ‘Stepping Out Secrets’ private membership area which allows ongoing interaction with both the publisher ‘Lucille Sorella’ and a place to interact with other girls. The actual download of the 47-piece course content is done through the member’s area, this is a nice touch, you also have the option of always being able to quickly view any of the videos online without the hassle of downloading them.

Hear what others are saying about this course:
We got to know ‘Lucille Sorella’ about a year ago and decided to look at her program specifically for our associated transgender forum. We would say that the majority of comments we receive about this program are both positive and inspiring, each one is amazingly personal to each of our members.

I am really thankful during this period of my life where I am undergoing such a massive change from male to female, that this informative, supportive and encouraging course exists.
~ Candice (Trans Female)

If we could change anything about this course:
Let’s face it, nothing is perfect, there are always going to be things that we don’t necessarily like. In-fact we have surprisingly few criticisms with this program; maybe in some places the videos could have been shorter and included subtitles, the member’s area could be arranged in a more logical manner. However, our criticism amounts to small niggles which don’t interfere with actual course learning.

Our final thoughts and impressions of this program:
We studied the program contents over a 3 month period and found the tutorials to be highly engaging, provide knowledgeable and expert information, and the nicely applied video learning techniques implemented by this program make it stand out for all the right reasons. The program promotes its 24/7 email support; we like to see this kind of commitment from any author that produces a quality digital product.

The author is confident that you will be super satisfied with everything contained in this program. They do backup their words, if you decide to “bite the bullet” and order you will get a reassuring 60-day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

The bottom line, we do recommend the ‘Stepping Out Secrets’ program for crossdresser and transgender individuals, you can see the full program details here, it will help you become more confident, walk with style & poise, switch your voice to female, and to create the feminine face you always wanted with makeup. The course will help you in all aspects of feminization and it takes all the hassle of trying to find good information from around the internet. If you just follow all the modules, learn and implement as you go, this program will give you all the feminization advice you need to help you become your true self on the inside and out.

The Stepping Out Secrets Program Review
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  1. I had been looking at buying this program for a few weeks now but wasn’t sure it was going to be any good. I wanted to say thanks for your review as it really helped me make my mind up to buy it. I have gone through the first 2 modules – makeup and fashion, the makeup one has already allowed me to look way better than before and I am getting compliments from all my friends, that alone made this purchase worth the money. Thanks so much

  2. I like it when I find an honest review on the internet, I just downloaded this today and only just had a chance to skim through the module videos. The course looks amazing and I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks going through it carefully. Love and Peace 🙂

  3. I decided to buy this after reading about it here and really pleased. learnt a ton of new tips about walking and makeup and going to put them to practice when out shopping tomorrow, thanks Ronda C.

  4. Thanks for the excellent review article, this feminization course is going to help me with my transgender transition and I have put it on my next pay day wishlist.

  5. Can you tell me if anybody at the transgender hub has actually gone through this course, my question is it really any good? and will it actually help?. I won’t spend my hard earn’t money otherwise!

    • Hi Matt, thanks for your comment, we have gone through this course thoroughly, we mention that in our review, of course we would not recommend it otherwise. Perhaps you could reply back and tell us a little more about yourself as we know that many first time and seasoned crossdressers have benefited and also many transgender girls that are currently going through transition. Claire x

  6. I’ve had the program for a little over a month now, got it from your link, and I am really pleased with everything covered in this course and it has helped me a lot with being able to pass as a woman more easily. I was surprised at the amount of stuff you get with it, all the videos and the online dashboard makes it simple to access. 5 stars from me 🙂

    • Hello Mark, thank you for your positive comment, I am happy this has helped you and although not everybody feels the need to pass, for me personally, there was nothing worse than having those feelings of apprehension and dread about stepping out the front door. I went through the entire course about a year ago I found it really helpful for self-confidence and in all other aspects of dressing as a woman, I guess that knowing you are doing things right and learning from others really does help. Happy dressing luv Claire x


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